0-1000 TikTok Followers In A Week

As we entered yet another week of lockdown, last week at Social Bull Media we set ourselves the challenge of growing our audience on TikTok and learning how the platform works as we're getting more and more requests for TikTok content. We were certainly not expecting these results!

We gained our first 1000 followers in less than a week and then follower that with our second 1000 followers in less than a day so we wanted to share some of the things we learnt and hopefully you can grow a following in no time, maybe even quicker than we did!

#1 Post Consistently

From the short period we've been posting, this seemed to be key to growth. More is more! Unlike other platforms, there didn't seem to be a 'right time' to post. We saw growth at all hours of the day but posting at least once a day seemed to build our momentum to grow quickly. Once you've found a format that your followers like, stick with it and stick to it. We were very fortunate to stumble across it very quickly with our short After Effects tutorials.

#2 Use appropriate hashtags

Getting your TikTok in front of the right eyeballs is vital is increasing even greater reach so avoid hashtags such #amazing or #omg and be more specific to what you think your ideal viewer would be searching for.

#3 Use the Trending Sounds

Along with posting consistently, this is definitely the other vital tip in increasing your reach, we have a lot to thank KSI for! We tried a few different sounds to accompany our videos but the trending Tik Tok sounds definitely got seen by more people. They're easy to search for in the app in the trending charts.

#4 Create content that's native to the app

If you're an editor then it may take you a little longer than you imagine to edit your first TikTok in the app but we believe it's much better to create your videos using it instead of creating a polished video with perfect graphics in Adobe Premiere. Our titles didn't animate on and they didn't cut off perfectly with the end of the clip, but they feel natural to the app which is designed for short, fun videos.

#5 You don't have to dance!

You can if you want to but not one of the Social Bull Media team had to do a dance (on camera) and we found a lovely community that were extremely keen to learn from us. Everyone has got involved and we've actually learnt from each other which has been a added bonus and it's been good fun.

So if you're not already following us then make sure you do, we're enjoying creating them and hopefully you might learn something!

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