Aaron Ramsdale Foooorehole Challenge

Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale joined Tubes and Big Ange at Foxhills Golf Club for 9 holes to discuss that incredible save against Leicester, getting stick from away fans and why he loves being in goal.

The England international spoke about his time in the England camp during Euro 2020 and witnessing a sing-off between Ed Sheeran & Dec Rice!

"We came back from the golf trip and just sat there, and Ed Sheeran is sat literally where the camera is...he's sat there, gets his guitar out and plays six or seven songs. And Dec asked to sing with him, and I think Dec was late to a meeting or something and he sung Wonderwall with him. So Dec is singing Wonderwall and halfway through the song Dec goes, 'Yeah, come on Ed, join in with me.' He's singing Wonderwall and going 'Give me a bit.'

He also shared his wide range of music tastes.

"My music honestly, it's why I can never put it on in the dressing room. I can go from grime and rap and everything to 80s and 70s dance, Bay City Rollers, and then I'll end up with Little Mix or something and then High School Musical will come on."

"I love having sing-a-longs in the car. So obviously being from up north and playing down south, I was always in the car a lot and obviously away games and stuff like that and I just like having sing-a-longs. And if someone spots me in the car singing, I give it even more."

He always gives us a rendition of his own which you need to watch.





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