Brentford Media Day 22/23

Before the return of the Premier League season 22/23, here at Social Bull Media we were extremely busy throughout preseason preparing for football coming back. We teamed up with Brentford FC to create team photography, lineup graphics and goal celebration videos for each player, which spanned across the entire squad of The Bees. 

The day of filming was spent down at the Gtech Community Stadium, having access to all areas in and around their newly furnished home. The shots we captured on the day were being used for the lineup graphics on the big screen, as well as celebration videos of each player to be shown when they score a goal. Brentford would use the videos to post on social media and put up on the big screen inside the stadium to announce the goal scorer to the packed in fans.

Brentford FC is known for being a family club. That meant that there was a little bit of added pressure for each shot we captured as it had to have a family feel to it - we love a challenge. Getting away from the classic green screen set up was important for us here. As football fans ourselves, we know first hand how we want to feel connected to the club. For fans to see their players in places where they don’t normally go such as staircases that lead to the fan’s seats or behind the turnstiles, we knew that this would work. Knowing that their favourite player has been where you head to your seat is inviting for the fans. We opted to shoot goal celebration videos on the staircases leading up to the stands. The turn out was incredible and went down really well with the players, staff and fans.

We shot, edited and shared with Brentford the end product which they were delighted with, everyone has been massively impressed with the work we have produced. Their first game back at home, The Bees played against Manchester United and won 4-0. The videos got a workout then and have done ever since the first home game. They have scored 15 goals in just 7 games, and 11 of these goals have been scored on home turf! Everyone inside the Gtech Community Stadium has seen the videos and millions more also on social media! Only 7 games in, we have already shown a lot of the videos and with the way things are going we will be showing off a lot more. Come on you Bees!

One day of filming with the squad has produced a season’s worth of content, not too bad right? We loved doing this shoot with Brentford and we can’t wait to continue working closely with them. We also would love to in the near future collaborate with more football teams to produce similar content for next season, get in touch and let’s chat about what we can do for you!

Here are a few links to the work that was posted on Brentford’s Twitter account:

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