Chelsea F.C. - Yokohama Commercial Prank

"Can you hug the tyre?"

We recently had an absolutely incredible experience conjuring up this devious prank, as we teamed up with Minute Media to pull off this hilarious video for Chelsea F.C. and Yokohama. Social Bull Media received the brief and had one core goal that we had to figure out how to pull off - to prank Timo Werner. Alongside Minute Media we spent a great deal of time formulating exactly how we could best pull off such a tricky task with so many moving parts, all with the aim of promoting Yokohama's new ADVAN and GEOLANDAR tyres. So how did we do it? We created a fake TV commercial set and enlisted the help of two other Chelsea stars, Mason Mount and Jorginho to act as our ‘Pranksters’. You can watch the video below here on Chelsea's Instagram:

With lighting, cameras, crew and all the rest looking as natural and unsuspecting as we could, we created a narrative that Timo would be acting in a commercial for Yokohama and gradually we made the scenarios more ridiculous for Timo. Mason and Jorginho played the classic prankster role to a perfection in our second tent, directing our actor Orry in his ear with cringeworthy and outrageous comments for him to say. The end result produced an absolutely fantastic piece of content that we’re so proud to share and genuinely had us in stitches in the edit and whilst filming (although the camera crew really had to hold their laughs in on set).

Our 'fake commercial' set

Mason, Jorginho and particularly Timo were all terrific sports and were a real pleasure to work with, we think this really shines through and enhances the video as a whole. The video has launched globally across many club and brand socials and also in 13 languages, it was quite the editing process! Massive thank you to everyone at Minute Media, Chelsea F.C. and Yokohama who we loved working with on this project. Once again, well done Timo, you were a great sport.

Still friends - Mason, Timo & Jorginho post prank
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