Diversifying Your Platforms

It seems like once a month we are invited to sign up to the next big social media platform and it's becoming increasingly difficult to know where to post your videos to allow them to reach as large an audience as possible, as well as making sure the people you are reaching are the right ones for the message you want to share.

This year we believe it is going to be key to diversify your own content and build a team around your brand to allow you to be seen everywhere. However, we know that it's not going to be possible to hire a team of social video experts as a growing creator but Social Bull Media want to help growing brands and creators to do what they are great at and allow us to reach a greater audience - that doesn't mean we don't have an idea or two ourselves.

It can be overwhelming to constantly content for all the major social media platforms so a solid content strategy will help you to focus on where best to put your efforts, especially if you're currently the only person responsible for creating content which is common. A content strategy will allow you to set clear objectives and how you can achieve them, to ensure that you are being effective with your time. Get in contact with us if you want to set goals and build a strategy that works for you.

For brands and creators who rely on their content as a main source of income, it would be reckless to continue to rely on one source of ad revenue. If your YouTube account was to deactivated tomorrow, would you know how to reach any of your audience? We know the incredible value of being a creator on Tik Tok right now and the desire for brands to be a part of that but as quick as burst onto the social media scene, there will be another growing platform looking to take its place on the throne.

One of the main reasons we believe that many of the large creators aren’t diversifying is time, it’s a valuable commodity and we appreciate how much of it is spent bringing ideas to life that little of it is left to reformatting it from Instagram Stories to YouTube and everything in between.

We've recently partnered with the Wafflin' podcast to help them do exactly that. Despite nearly one million subscribers on YouTube, Joe, Luke and Theo didn't have a presence on Facebook. Social Bull are using the library of great content they've already created and repurposing it for Facebook. It's not easy to convince your users to move to different platforms but the Wafflin' boys have already convinced a few thousand of their loyal "Wafflin' Mafia" to like their new page through Instagram stories to their 90k followers in just over a week and we expect that to increase quickly!

Please follow Wafflin’ on Facebook and give us a follow too whilst you're at it!

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