Filming With My Favourite Footballer

Words By Olivia Elliott

As the Premier League new season is finally here, we thought we should get chatting about last week when we filmed with one of my favourite players in the Premier League or should I say in the world? I’ve been a massive West Ham fan since the day I was born and I was lucky enough to spend the evening working with the new club captain and England midfielder Declan Rice. Now if you don’t know how much of a Hammers fan I am, well I would have missed a family wedding for this occasion (sorry familia). Social Bull Media works with Tubes and Ange for their Golf Life YouTube channel where they invite players, ex-players and celebrities on to have a chit chat whilst playing golf. 

On arrival at Kingswood Golf & Country Club my nerves started to kick in. From watching him play at the London Stadium and across Europe last season week in week out, I realised that now was my time to tell him how much of an incredible player he is and has been for West Ham. Whilst packing up the golf buggies to take out Mr Rice made his entrance. Tubes introduced us both to each other and Declan recognised me as “die hard West Ham fan” from social media. Never thought I would be so chuffed to hear myself referred to as that!! We had a brief chat about last season, pre season and the upcoming season. 

We then were out and about on the golf course filming for the video which if you haven’t seen already please go and watch it in the link below! It was an absolute honour to be present on the shoot to film some clips for the video but also working with your favourite player. As the Golf Life filming goes, you have odd chats around the course here and there, which is where me and Dec would have a few funny chats about West Ham. We spoke about how amazing Lyon away was and he was really interested in a fans point of view what journey we took, what we did on the day, how the game was which was amazing to talk to the player who put us 2-0 up! 

After they played 9 holes of golf, they then went onto play ‘closest to the pin’ which is the last segment of the video. It was for me the highlight of the video! If I didn’t think my life could get better I got a ride back in Deccer’s golf buggy back to the club house - that was a pinch me moment. I brought along my Rice shirt with me for him to sign and address it to my family, which he was more than happy to do. It’s something that I will cherish for life and remember it from the Golf Life shoot.

Declan was ever so friendly and is everything like he comes across in his interviews. He wants the best for West Ham and elaborated on how he is super excited to be the captain of West Ham in the video. As fans of football we all think these incredible football players are massive celebrities (which they are) and they aren’t normal as they are living the dream of most of ours. However, I am not saying this as a biased West Ham fan, but if you take away the football from Dec, he is the nicest, biggest kid you will ever meet. That's something that I will take away with me knowing that he’s just a normal lad living the dream!

I am still in disbelief that it happened and waking up the next morning literally felt like a dream. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity I got. Huge thank you to Tubes and Ange for allowing my crazy West Ham self onto the shoot. A massive thank you to Social Bull for making my dreams come true whilst working. Who knows there may be another West Ham player to come soon for Golf Life… 

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