Is the Premier League ready for a Hall of Fame?

The recent introduction of the Premier League Hall of Fame has seen the induction of Thierry Henry and Alan Shearer, with an impressive and deserving list of nominees awaiting the fan vote, which closes on the 9th of May. The question is, why now? Let’s speculate.

1. This could mark the beginning of a transition toward the American, NBA model. An attempt to make the league more marketable for sponsors and build bigger superstar status. What’s next? A North vs South All Star game? A slam dunk contest? All speculation.

2. The fans asked for it. I mean, did they? The nominees will be inducted based on fan votes, so it’s possible. 

3. The players deserve recognition. Yep. This is true, and if they are in this list they are certainly immortalised by their clubs. Is gaining league wide recognition as important to a player as a club? 

4. It’s a great debate. Have a geez at the NBA and get a taste of the never-ending debate surrounding their Hall of Fame. Also, the NBA HOF induction ceremony is prestigious and traditional, something to aspire too.

5. The obvious one - The Premier League started in 1992. 29 years on, we have a Hall Of Fame. The time frame makes sense, although, for those playing at home, there’s an ‘English Hall of Fame.’ Which seems to be an earlier version of the Premier League HOF and, fun fact, has a physical building in Manchester.

6. There is some debate that football in the Premier League isn't at its best, and hasn't been for a few years. Classic moments in games seem to be few and far between and now with the backlash of the Super League it feels that fans are even more disenfranchised. Is this a way of reminding the fans of the ‘Glory days?’

Is there another reason? Feel free to ask your opinionated friends and let us know.
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