Working With Publishers: Our Takeaways

"Our background is publishing." That’s how we might begin the zoom meetings. Something like, “We cut our teeth as four members of the commercial production team at JOE Media. We’re familiar with tight deadlines, reactive ideas and branded content.” And so on.

We learned a lot from working within the publishing environment and we learned even more by adding publishers to the Social Bull Media client list. Our takeaways are best attributed to some of our work.

LADbible: Minutes With A Cult Survivor

Role - Video editing. 

The Minutes With series has a wide variety of subjects exploring heavy topics and  ‘A Cult Survivor’ was no exception. This project typifies the Originals produced by LADbible and their process of building a narrative (in this case 19 minutes long) from a lengthy recording is incredibly interesting. Objective: Find the story and piece it together. The starting point is a 45min - 2hr long uncut interview that’s captured in the studio. The aim is to edit the interview into a coherent, fair and accurate story. Version 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

There’s an internal deadline and LADbible is beholden to themselves. Their feedback process is filtered by one person, the lead producer, who communicates specific feedback to the editor. The producer also chooses to listen to the editor's opinions. This sounds like a very simple solution but it’s surprising how often the feedback process can break down. The system of feedback is integral to every aspect of the video and if it’s managed correctly, the process has an opportunity to run smoothly and the result is easy to see. Literally, you can watch it. 

Communicating feedback is exactly what LADbible does so well.

90min: Chelsea FC / Yokohama: Tyre Commercial Prank Featuring Timo Werner

Role - Pre-production, production, post production and delivery.

High stakes, high pressure, and incredibly tight in and out times. Three things synonymous with footballers when making content. Throw in the jeopardy of a prank and you’ll observe the increase in stress.

We’re incredibly proud of our efforts for this piece of branded content and we achieved everything we set out to. Everyone at 90min and Minute Media were happy to collaborate with us and they outlined the parameters and challenges early. The main one being - Timo cannot find out it’s a prank until the big reveal at the end. Simple right? Maybe not.

90 min struck the important balance between allowing us the creative freedom to execute the idea and guiding our approach based on their previous experience with Chelsea. In short, they were flexible and proactive at the right moments. And mainly, they were a lot of fun! Timo Werner dancing like he’s in Mykonos, what more could you ask for?

Fun fact: We delivered this in 13 different languages. National Lottery Campaign

Role - Pre-production, production, post production and delivery.

The National Lottery celebrated their 27th birthday by highlighting some of the funding they provide charities like the link above (Street Football Wales).

The team at JOE showed us their trust by allowing us the freedom to complete the campaign with their supervision and approval. The tight turn around meant there was minimal feedback and the socially responsible nature of the content allowed for a repeatable format.

The people we met were always going to be the nuggets of gold during this campaign. Street Football Wales is one of four charities who welcomed us in and gave us permission to speak to anyone. For example - John Hartson spoke to the homeless members of Street Football Wales about their mental health. Their candid responses were superb soundbites and mainly, they conveyed their happiness within the Street Football Wales community. Smiles all round.

Tyla: Durex Naturals

Role - Video editing.

The Tyla audience submitted their sexual health questions via record videos to the experts and hosts - Jess and Sarah. The Tyla platform falls under the LADbible umbrella and editing this project was an exercise in understanding the Tyla audience. 

The LADbible feedback process was on full display and the project began by prioritising the best UGC’s and then structuring the video accordingly. Reactive, watch-along content like this is usually proitising the best submissions and creating a seamless transitions between them. It sounds simplistic but in this instance it was a two person job - Video editor and Producer. 

On a lighter note, it was interesting to hear stories about fanny farts and butt plugs. A first for Social Bull Media.

Give it a view you’ll see what we’re talking about.

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