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How do we ensure that our videos create lasting impressions?

Peter Crouch on Tubes & Ange Golf Life

Be Relatable

An intangible, emotional connection to the content you’re viewing. It's paramount that you create something that feels inclusive to a community and person. We aim to produce work that makes the viewer feel like it was made for them specifically.

Timo Werner, Mason Mount & Jorginho

Be Shareable

Your content should be created to be engaged with and shared with your friends, family, colleagues, dog etc. The value of a share from friends and family is greater than that of any algorithm. Our first question before any project is simply - why would anyone watch and share this?

Stevo The Madman

Be Memorable

What was the last great video you remember watching? The memory of a scrolling viewer is short. We’ve all done it, mindlessly flicking at your screen not taking anything in. That's why we always shoot for the extraordinary, meaning your video is more likely to jump off the screen and distinctly stand out in a viewer's memory.

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